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sinus infection? changing nasal sprays?

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i've been on the same nasal spray to treat year-round allergies for a few years now and the past few weeks my allergies have started increasing (and its a strange time for that to be happening for me) and i think it's turned into a sinus infection (blocked nose, phlegm overload, green/yellow snot, mucous, but i don't have that overall sick feeling). 

has anyone else had to change their nasal sprays because they stopped being effective? after how long?

i know this is no substitute for going to a doctor, etc. i'm just curious.

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I was going to say the same thing as gearhead ... sometimes you just need a break from your usual one/s, then when you try it later it could work.  IMO I'd go off it for a month, but that is me.  Before you do that though I'd ask your DR about what to switch to and for how long.


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How are you doing today?

I just remembered this, a suggestion from my allergist.  When my sinus pain heads towards the excruciating level of pain, to use some Afrin.  Afrin unswells the nasal lining.  It works like a charm for me.  Just don't take it for more than about 3 days, and if you decide to start, ask you DR about it before starting.

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