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Tapering Lexapro

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Guest FrannyNZooey

Just had to tell you loved your journal!  I have been on lexapro 10 mg for several months, second time after trying Wellabutrin which was no go for me. 

I was just feeling tired and just not with it as much as would like. Anyway in past time I had cut to 5mg, and did very well, should have just stay at that, so I am doing that again, in fact just started today.

I was told from my doctor the last time when being on 5mg for so long, that is as far as I know and told, lowest you can do, cut 10 mg pill, my doctor thought I was safe to just stop then, and begin trying the Wellabutrin.

But as said that was bad mistake, made me very shakey right away and agitated, and could not sleep. So, went back to Lexapro, and somehow back to 10 mg. Why not just 5 where stopped and good do not know, maybe the Wellabutrin had me really jumpy.

Best thing ask your doctor what is right for you, since we all are so different in way react to meds.

Take Care, Aly

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