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I have been to the Mayo Clinic twice.  Neither was for bipolar, though.  I also have friends and relatives who have been there.

Expect lots of tests.  For physical symptoms, they make appointments for you with a doctor of the appropriate specialty.  When you see them, they will question you and determine what kind of tests to run, and then set up a follow up appointment to go over the results once the tests have been run.

There is an underground walkway that has shops and restaurants and allows you to go between buildings without having to go outside in the cold. I would recommend getting a hotel that has access to them. The reason I did is because you have to get up really early for the appointments, and there are sometimes breaks between appointments so you can just walk to you hotel to rest.  There are also shuttle buses that run between Mayo buildings that aren't within walking distance from the main building(s).  I don't know if hotels have shuttles or not.

I once flew in, and took a shuttle from the airport to my hotel.  I don't remember the price.

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Sorry for the late response,

I did end up going to the Mayo Clinic, and wow is the campus is huge! I spoke the chair department of psychiatry and explained my overall history with mental illness. He also gave me medication recommendations and sent a write-up to my pdoc at home with those recommendations. My parents and I were speaking to him for about a hour. I also had an EKG done and a blood test done. That was about it. No hospitalization at all whatsoever, which I honestly was hoping for. I was so much distress but I wasn't in enough distress to be in the hospital. The doctor also recommended a mood program, sort of like an outpatient program. Been there done all that. Even if they say they're all not the same, they're all the same and they never helped me get better.

It was nice to get a second opinion at one of the best hospitals in the country, but I wasn't exactly impressed. I still felt the same. I only started feeling better now, because I was hospitalized 10 days ago. Strange, but that's the way it is for me now.

They were just recommendations really. I stuck with some of them, but my hospitalization put me under a better roof (sorta. still struggling with mental block).

So was Mayo a waste? It was really just a desperate move.  Oh well.

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