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I suck!


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still getting used to working again.

at my work we are supposed to tell the person at the front desk where we are if we leave the building. And our boss doesn't want us in our office. She wants us around in the lobby in case someone comes for a tour. We have classes starting Friday and need to prepare. 

So, the director came out of her office and asked where my co worker was. I was watching the front desk at the time. The last I had seen she was in our office. If I was thinking, I would have offered to go get her. I think that was what the director wanted. Anyways, I said I thought she was in our office and the director kept asking where she was. I knew the director didn't want her in the office and I didn't know what to say. So, I said the worst possible thing. "I don't know where she is."

it turned out she had gone to the restroom and didn't have time to tell anyone. We are all adults. But, they gave her a verbal warning, I don't know if it is official, for going outside without telling anyone.

i am not sure who sucks more. I feel like I could have prevented the ordeal, but I can't believe they are making an. Issue about going to the bathroom. 


i am am so happy to have a job and excited to be there. But sometimes the director is discouraging


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You don't suck at all! 

I think you said the best possible thing-the truth.

It sounds like the director is a bit intimidating (or dare I say, a douchewad, but I think that probably comes with the territory of being a director) It stinks that your coworker got a warning but that's not your fault.Not at all.

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I agree.  You do not suck!

If you had gone to get your co-worker, who would have watched the front desk?  (I am assuming you were alone) I mean did she expect you to just get up and do something for her that you "could have" (but probably would not) get a warning for or something?  Personally I am glad you did not get her.  Leaving the front desk (unless with someone else) without someone else there, anyone could have walked into the building and no one would know.  Then that could have been a problem.

You're right about the bathroom and making an issue of it.  That sucks that they make an issue of using the bathroom there.

But I think you did the right thing by not getting her.  And I think everything else you said was appropriate.  "I don't know," to me anyway, is not the worst possible thing.  I mean if she wasn't in the office, then you really didn't know where she was.  What was she expecting ... for you to just make something up?


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