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Just to be clear Svenni is not my real name and I am not actually a cat but I am a furry so close enough.
 I am a 20 year old human named [REDACTED]. I live in the United States a.k.a Burgeristan. I'm currently going to college, as an undergraduate student in mathematics. I'll most likely be going to graduate school after I get my degree though. Getting involved in a research position in mathematics seems interesting.

Apart from being interested in math, I also like learning about science topics in general, especially neurology and psychology, and medicine, and astronomy. Sometimes physics. I also enjoy music, both listening to it and playing it. I play bass. Been playing for a year and a few months. I like playing video games. I enjoy reading sometimes.

Been diagnosed with MDD, Anxiety, Asperger's Syndrome. Though I suspect there may be something more wrong with me that doctors haven't caught. I've gotten a lot better but despite that I've had moments when I feel hopeless and even though I'm not constantly suicidal like I was before, there are moments when dying seems like a viable option. Also, while I feel relatively fine (and by fine I mean a mild chronic depression) my mood is in a very delicate balance and minor setbacks have set me off before. So even though I'm recovering I'm not cured and I thought this forum would be a good source of support.

Thank you for listening :3

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Hi, Svenni. Welcome to CB. It would be OK if you were a cat, so long as you're getting treatment for your issues. We have quite a few unicorns here, so why not?

I'm always glad to welcome another Aspie. If you have trouble sorting out where to park or where the vending machines are, feel free to PM me or another mod.


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