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How long could it take for libido to return after reducing the dose?

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Hi everyone

i take abilify 30mg and haldol 4mg i told my pdoc about sexual side effects that i have and he said that we can reduce the dose to restore sexual function,so how long could it take for libido to return? i lost my sex drive since i started taking antipsychotics that was about 5 years ago.

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It depends. Don't go off meds without talking to your doc first. It could also be the tegretol. I had no sexual problems on Abilify, none on Haldol (which I currently take at 15mg daily)

See your GP. Get your prolactin checked. That sometimes happens with AP's and AAP's and doesn't always right itself if you go off them, anyways. There are ways to fix high prolactin levels, like bromocriptine, for example. 

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