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I feel so beyond hopeless right now. I'm literally in bed, in the dark 16-20 hours a day. I basically get up, go to work, come home and get back in bed. I have no friends, my family isn't close (emotionally or geographically). I've tried to explain how bad it is to my therapist and psychiatrist and they really aren't helping. 

I really don't think I can keep going like this. 

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I'm sorry you are feeling like crap.  Have you told you tdoc and pdoc specifically how you feel about working with them ... like how you feel you aren't getting anywhere with them and what can change so you feel like you are getting somewhere.  Maybe they think everything is all ok.

How about writing a letter to your therapist (tdoc), telling him/her everything ... how you feel and why.  Also I'd say how your tdoc and pdoc aren't helping much, and something needs to change because you are getting nowhere with them.  Plus it is a waste of money IMO to see a tdoc and pdoc who aren't helping much.

Would you be able to change tdoc and/or pdoc to a new one?  I know that is harder said than done, but if you are in a position where it is possible to change, maybe you could do that.

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