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Weight not coming off even after cutting carbs

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So initially i was rapidly losing 1 kg every 4 or so days after cutting sugar and carbs. But now the weight has been stuck at 92.7kg for around a week and it wont go down.

Can antipsychotic(clozapine) stop you from losing weight even if u dont eat carbs/sugar ?

what should i do ?

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You might be at a plateau with your weight.  This is a personal story ... so FWIW ... when I am on plateaus I start to eat a little more than I am used to.  I might eat some carbs, a little sugar (or whatever I am holding back on).  Eventually I might gain a pound of 2 back, but then I will slowly start to lose more weight.

You also could be in starvation mode (just a thought) if you haven't been eating enough for awhile.  When your body gets too few calories, it starts to store them in the fat.  More info on it:



(^At the bottom of this article it says something about a free trial of counting calories ... that is NOT why I am posting it.  I am posting it for the information above that, from the beginning).

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Plateaus suck, but one week is really not a lot of time. I know it can be disheartening, though, especially since you were losing weight pretty rapidly. I'd try not to sweat it unless you get stalled for at least a couple weeks. 

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