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Stopping Valium/Temazepam

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I was up to 10mg of valium Never took the other drug.  Gdoc read some study about dementia being caused by benzos and did a "COME IN NOW" which I think maybe happened one other time.  She said the longer half life of Valium made it the one she least wanted me on and only grudgingly said ok to a 1/2 miligram of Xanax (Which I personally have a bad feeling about)  Not taking Valium didn't make an impract me because I think taking it as needed was kind of once in a blue moon I really needed it (and 10 mg is highish dose that put a fork in whatever was giving me a panic / anxiety happy funtime.  The rest of the time I wasn't needing it at all.  I think maye if you found a way to just go without for a few days and got used to that?  I know the normal idea is keep taking less and less.  My 2 cents is to let your body have some days off and then do a serious think before you use it.  Then keep making a better case for CBT or just take a large dose (30 mg) of Buspar everyday. that seems to minimize the days curled up on the floor telling myself I suck in every possible way.  Sorry - non of that is probably useful. 

I envy the dreaming.  I go to sleep and its just nothing.  And on the rare times I remember a dream its either so real or its so massivly weird.  I drempt once that I swam to listen to some orchestral music with the boys from "My three sons" all dressed in suits.  And some weird thing this guy had given himself a super power pill but when he took  it he turned into a 90 foot high confused old Asian woman  Then he shrank too much and was  locked up in a jail where the bars were made out of paperclips.

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