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Simplistic advice


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I contacted a warm-line. It is like a hot line but not for crisis calls, but for support/resources. I have a bit of a phone phobia so I used their private chat.

I had done that once before, when I had voices echoing and the mentor told me to contact my doc when I could-I had been waiting because he was on vacation. She did help calm me down and I did eventually get better with a med change.

So, last night I was feeling agitated. I was recognizing patterns and making loose associations. I told her I thought people were planning something about me (not necessarily bad, just not including me). Her advice was not to let others affect me. ????

You don't need to have a mi to have others behavior affect you, but it doesn't help.

I just thanked her and left.

I am feeling okay now, but I don't think it was due to her advice.


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