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I'm Foggerty, an ADD male with occasional anxiety on the side (which mutates into full blown, monopolar depression every few years) and a random grab-bag of learning disabilities that I keep with me at all times.

I'm here to learn more about my ADD and coping strategies.  I've gone through the whole "ohhh, so THAT's why I do that" through to "oh shit, I'll never get anything done, my life is functionally over" and am now in the "ok, just learn how to deal with this; once I figure out how to deal with the motivation/inertia problem" stage of things.

Random facts - New Zealander, work as a software developer, love dogs (but living by myself, it's just not viable to get one), recently gone semi vegetarian for ecological reasons, skeptic, and lifelong fan of David Attenborough.

So uh, hi :-)

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