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This may be harsh...


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Cutting/self mutilation
Cutting and self mutilation is so stupid! There are people out there who probably have it so much harder than we, as a first world country, do. There are
Rape victims
Domestic abuse victims
People who barely have enough money to feed their families
People who go to bed hungry every night
People who's parents have died
People who live on the streets
People who sell their body's just for a meal. Just to make money.
People who are bullied and beaten every day at their schools
People who have been sexually abused.
People who have legit mental issues. Cutting is something you have to carry with you your whole life. Something you have to live with. You carry those scars with you. Self harm is unjustifiable. Instead of picking up a razor, pick up the phone and get help from a medical professional. Get help. There are people that love you and would not want to see you hurt. So please get help instead of harming yourself. Don't be scared to tell people. The world is a harsh place, but you have to learn not to let things get under your skin. Take in the good things in life. Find something that makes you happy. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks. Screw them! Their opinions matter, if you make them matter. Think of your future. How long will this situation last? You are a beautiful human being. Don't let your circumstances control you. If there are people telling you to stop, listen to them. By telling you to stop they are showing that they care about you and your health.  Be happy with what you have, don't take things for granted. Focus on the good and clear out the negative. Please put the razor down, and talk to a trusted friend, or adult. Realize that you need help, and go get it. 
*1-800-DON'T-CUT – More info on self-injury

*http://www.selfinjury.com – Referrals for therapists and tips for how to stop.

*1-800-273-TALK – A 24-hour crisis hotline if you're about to self-harm or are in an emergency situation.

*To Write Love On Her Arms (http://www.TWLOHA.com) - A non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

*1-800-SUICIDE – Hotline for people contemplating suicide.

*1-800-334-HELP – Self Injury Foundation's 24-hour national crisis line.

*1-800-799-SAFE – Domestic violence hotline.

*1-877-332-7333 – Real Help For Teens' help line.

plase realize that you are loved, you are needed. Please no hate. I understand it may be hard to stop, but you have to learn that what you are doing is wrong, and that there are people who want to help. There are people who love you, and hate that you are hurting yourself.  

-much love,


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Ok. So... THIS is going to sound harsh. Maybe it's better to learn about the community you are posting to before you make your first post. 

People who are using self harm to manage emotions have, as you say, "legit mental issues". Many people who self harm do so because it helps keep them from trying to be dead, or because they do not currently have the skills to make a different choice.

You made a very long list of people who are suffering more than people who use self harm to manage their current situations. The irony is there is a ton of overlap between the groups of people you list and people who use self harm as a way to manage. ALL of the groups of people you identify are at increased risk of mental health problems. People who use self harm to manage emotions more often than not have a trauma history that you cannot imagine. We are people who have survived some insane shit. And sometimes self harm is a way that we can help us continue to survive until we can learn better ways to cope.

We want to support people in finding ways to stop that are meaningful and useful to them as they currently are.

This is not the suffering olympics. You cannot compare pain in the way you have attempted to compare pain. What might be devastating for you is just another day in the life or doesn't even register as a significant event for someone else. We all have different life experiences.

By telling people that self harm is "unjustifiable" and "you have to learn to not let things get under your skin", you are invalidating the life experiences of people you are trying to support. People who are here come to this site and stay  because we are one of the very few pro-recovery sites on the web with regard to self harm. We are not in favor of self harm. However, we understand it and how difficult it is to stop using something that has helped, even when it ends up causing more problems than it solves.

You may find it helpful to read some threads and see how others respond to get a better sense of what we do here and what our community is like.

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