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Seeing only the mobile version of CB on my laptop

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Help! I'm seeing only the mobile version of this site on my laptop. This happened suddenly last night. I tried clearing my cache and restarting my browser to no avail. Other sites load normally (non-mobile version). I must have accidentally clicked on something that switched versions but I can't find it.

How do I get the desktop version back? 


I'm using Chrome under Linux. 

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That's really weird because I'm getting a version with three bars (=) on the upper right hand side and a giant search icon 0- and something else which I think is the activity icon. Basically 3 icons. It may well be the condensed version, but my 15+ inch laptop screen didn't change size magically when the New Year rang in. I no longer have a list of new topics, blogs, or status updates on the main page.

I've tried everything I know of, but nothing is solving this, and it happens only on Crazyboards. Other sites load normally.

2 hours ago, Velvet Elvis said:

If your screen is too small to show the full menus, you get a condensed version.  

Wait a minute ... you solved it! Thanks, VE!

The problem was that I did the ctrl + + too many times and it blew the screen up too much. I put it back to 125% and it is working normally now. Thanks again!

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