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Is anyone on Cymbalta and Amphetamines?

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I watched videos on youtube from Charles Parker. He talks about how drugs like Prozac and Paxil do NOT work with amphetamines

cause amphetamines and Prozac/Paxil are heavily metabolized in the liver through 2D6 and this means that Prozac will cause your amphetamines

to build up in the body which causes side effects over time.

Now I'm worried if Cymbalta + amphetamines would be "safe" cause Cymbalta is also strongly metabolized through 2D6. :(

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I am currently on 20mg paroxetine and 300mg of pristiq. With this I take 90mg of ritalin. I have not had any problems yet. 

Before this I was on Pristiq and dexamphetamine and had no problem with this combo either

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I've looked up Dr. Parker, and while he *has* published books, he hasn't participated in any peer reviewed articles. And he's an osteopath, not an MD. In my personal experience, I have not liked ODs (which is, of course, jmo), and they don't have quite the same training as MDs.

And here's a peer reviewed article that says the combo may be a good treatment for refractory anxiety.


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