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I have been on every SSRI and SNRI there is and they have all failed me in one way or another.  The only 2 that worked for me were Effexor (pooped out after 10 years) And Lexapro.  (pooped out after a few years)  I am currently on Viibryd.  But I have gained 10 pounds in 6 weeks.  It gives me awful sweets cravings. Also it zaps me of energy and I have to drink tons of coffee throughout the day to get through.  I am also on adderal so this should not be happening.  I am trying to decide if I should switch to Brintellix.  I am looking for feed back on the 3 most important things to me.  Is it energizing? (does it work for depression of course?) Does it cause weight gain? I know that viibryd claims to not cause weight gain but that is horse shit because I have read tons of posts on people who are having major issues with hunger and sweet cravings and have gained a bunch of weight on it.  I am praying brintellix will be different and that I will not have to drink 8 cups of coffee a day in order to make it through the day on it.  Any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated.  

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