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I know auditory hallucinations are more common but does anyone else have visual hallucinations as well? One pdoc told me that people who have visual hallucinations were more likely to have taken drugs. I don't take drugs. I don't know if there's any evidence to prove this theory or if it's just his belief. Are there any others who haven't done drugs and who has visual hallucinations as well as auditory ones?

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Yes, I do.

When I was having the visual (and auditory) hallucinations, they were 24/7, I saw mainly people, but other stuff I saw also.  So visual hallucinations, the people I saw, also talked to me. 

After meds started and I got the right cocktail, it was a relief to not have them as much as I had.  The visuals and voices were more of a nuisance for me after getting on the meds.  I enjoyed that world while I was off meds though.  I still have residual auditory and visual hallucinations, but nothing like before.

I have never done drugs before, except in high school I smoke a joint one time (one joint, only a small part of it). Nothing happened after that.  I was fine. I was maybe 16 or 17 years old.  I am 43 now.

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I see cats, shadows, bugs, guinea pigs, shadow people, etc. and I have never done drugs. It is normal for me to have visual hallucinations. The most frequent one is a cat named Bob, who also tells me to do things. I've been seeing him since I was a young child. I've had visual hallucinations as far back as I can remember, starting with cartoon characters, then the cats. The auditory hallucinations didn't start until I was a teenager. 

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2 hours ago, dancingteapot said:

No drugs for me.


Lately the visuals have been bad.

Right now I'm teaching a girl named Dolly the music from my iPod

Also shadows and people and other scary stuff

I see pdoc tomorrow and idk if I should say anything

(in bold) Yes!  Tell your pdoc everything so you can nip it in the bud, so it won't get worse.  Maybe need a med tweak?

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13 hours ago, dazed and confused said:

I wonder how common the shadows are? Because I too often see shadow people and shadow rats and I've seen quite a few people mention that they too often see the shadows. 

Lack of sleep gives me the flickery shadows out of the corners of my eyes. 

In college, I was at a highly-competitive art school where everyone was severely overworked. Many people would take Adderall, etc., to pull all-nighters. After a while of not sleeping, it happens. We all called it "seeing cats". Like, "Hey, Shirley, how are you feeling? Did you get some sleep?" "Nah, not yet, I'm still seeing cats."

It really is like seeing a black cat dart across the room just out of your field of vision. For me, anyway...

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The only time I see shadows is when they are out of the corner of my eye ... I don't see them head-on.  It is like I think something is there so I turn my head around real quick, realizing it most likely wasn't real, because the shadow will disappear.  So I'll take it as whatever and don't let it bother me.  Sometimes it becomes paranoia though, when I get freaked out at everything.  Usually this is when I don't get enough sleep and/or are stressed out.

The visual hallucinations I can see head-on, and sometimes in color (ie I can see what they are wearing).

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17 hours ago, dazed and confused said:

When I see shadows I mainly see people, rats and bugs. Many times I have started hitting and kicking the walls because I thought there was a whole swarm of bugs crawling up them. They disappeared so I started looking for cracks in the walls or a little hole. I couldn't find anything.

I can relate. The time I mentioned seeing all those damn white spiders coming down from the ceiling I was swinging my arms violently around trying to kill them all. It was a bad and scary night.

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