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I Hate People


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I'm just disgusted with general humanity right now.

Last night, some fucknut vomited on the sidewalk right in front of our steps. Grass, as far as the eye can see, no, this idiot vomited in front of the steps. I had to buy a disposable dustpan and rubber gloves this morning.

I went to the pharmacy this afternoon. Sitting and waiting quietly, just letting my mind wander. One of the clerks walks out, puts her hand on my shoulder (uh, don't do that. Ever), and asks if I'm feeling better. What? She said oh, but you look so sad. What? I stared at her for a few seconds, and said no, I'm fine. That made another clerk ask how I'm doing. God, it's all I could do just to get out of there.

Stopped at a small store on the way home. I am in the 10 items or less line, staring at the obnoxious pile of groceries that the couple ahead of me piled on. Really, can you read? Pretty damn big sign. I was silently fuming, when the obnoxious guy turned and said, why are you so sad girl? First of all, I'm 53, not a girl, second of all, FUCK you, don't talk to me. I had no desire to talk, just gave him a death glare. His extremely obnoxious wife/whatever started saying in a loud voice, boy, you just can't be nice to some people, they don't respond, and kept squawking that over and over. The clerk and I exchanged glances, I just shook my head (he's someone that sees me all the time). 

That's it, don't care if the house is burning down, no more people tonight.

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