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Assholes (family) broke me


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Dear Suze:

Feel better?  I hope writing that out was cathartic, 'cause it sure felt carthartic to read it.

Isn't it amazing what damage these families do?  I love that your mother believes a SIL before she believes you.

So, you're right in your conclusion.  Stay away from them if they're bad for you, and they obviously are.  And get out of town as soon as you can.  Friends make better family than familly members do, anyway.


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Yeah, well---I gained at LEAST that much, so there!


I forgot to say earlier that I love your avatar, too.  Although I'm a mushy romantic by nature.  The guy flipping the bird was a teensy bit aggresive for me.  When I would see him, I would think---what did I DO?  Why is he ANGRY?

Anyway, glad you like it here.  When I found it last winter, it saved me from thinking I was totally nuts.  (I was HALFWAY nuts, but not totally.....)  We are all on this ship together.


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What an empowering statement!  I think your attitude of not being a victim (what I call victimology) is spot on. Love your motto "No losers, no users".

I'll be back in a few minutes.  I've gotta make some signs and banners so I can march in your parade. Maybe I can find a big furry hat for you to wear.



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Guest FrannyNZooey

Suzen~ I use to feel so terrible using the term dead weight, but that is what spilled from my tongue when speaking of my Mother and what I needed to do to set myself free, to be happy, was to cut that loose.

My mother would tell me all the time, that since I moved away leaving her, now get this, it was due to the plant closing here, and ex-husbands, job taking us to Indiana, so to have job, well since I did that, she had to rely on my sister in law to be her daughter, her words, always so thoughtful of my feelings, it is so touching.

And God knows my Mother would take her hairstylist word over mine, so hell yeah always sister in law after moving back, until all the work part, and demanding came up, then she did move away.

We, hubby and me, also discussed after Zach in college for maybe possibly leaving options open to relocating back to California, where he lived and worked when I met him in Vegas.

I am thinking sounds good.


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