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A New Crazy on the Block

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Hello everyone!

My username is the name of a flower for anyone who wishes to know. If you didn't already know that, don't feel too bad. I discovered their existence yesterday while doing a google search. 

I have been occasionally lingering on this site for about two years and I am glad that I have finally made an account. It will be nice to receive support and contribute to the forum where I can. There are far too few resources and places to talk about MI around where I live. 

My diagnoses are Bipolar 1 Disorder and Panic Disorder. I was diagnosed with Bipolar four years ago and Panic Disorder less than a year ago. After three years and a lot of trial and error, a medication combination was found that keeps me relatively stable (AKA less crazy). Praise lithium! 

Stuff about me not MI related: I am a student majoring in Social Work. Some of my hobbies include ballet, figure skating, reading, and writing. I write poetry and short stories. I have been published once and hope to write a novel in the future. I am also double jointed and have a knack for misplacing things.

Thank you for reading. :) 

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