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Hello, I'm terrible with introductions.

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I sat here and stared at my computer screen for an hour before I finally got up the nerve to post an introduction (The struggle is real).

I've been letting my freak flag fly for most of my life, It wasn't official until I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder when I was 15. Pdoc put me on different meds, none of which worked. When I became an adult I gave the system the finger and left treatment and medication behind me, to live a life of chaos, debauchery and mayhem.

Now I'm trying to get myself together and start my own business. It hasn't been going well. So, I'm back talking to tdoc and seeing pdoc who have decided that my initial diagnosis was wrong, My new diagnosis is PTSD, GAD and Bipolar - I'm in denial about being Bipolar. I don't know why, my brain just refuses to accept it. - I think it may be because my pdoc spends more time telling me how many university classes she teaches and how high her intelligence level is then explaining any of this stuff to me and pointing out WHY I have this diagnosis. She isn't the greatest of communicators.

I'm also on new medication that increases my anxiety, insomnia and irritation (it gives me homicidal rage). I have a hard time getting in to see pdoc to get any of this stuff sorted because she is always so booked. Changing doctors is not an option as there are few in my area and the waiting list is horrible.

Other than that, I'm a Photographer from Maryland trying to start my own business, hoping to once again sleep at night and as the screen name implies I have a lot of tattoos. I'm looking to educate myself a bit more and maybe have a few conversations with people who understand my frustration.

Have a great day :)


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Hi, welcome to the boards. :)

That sounds like an awkward situation with your pdoc. I hope the side effects of your new meds settle down (how long've you been on them?) or you get onto something more appropriate soon.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll find it great here. It's a very supportive community.


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Hi, Tattooedupanddown. Welcome to CB. You're in good company.

First. lamictal titration can be very rocky and un-fun until you get to about 100 mgs. It's very much a sweet spot med. A lot of people feel agitated, irritable, and downright ragey when they're at the low doses.

If your pdoc is not giving you good information, there are places online that have good overviews of bipolar disorder in its various manifestations. I like PsychCentral.

If you have any questions about how the site works, please feel free to contact me or one of the other mods.


Gearhead (moderator)


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