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I am saintalto, who in turn is (or was) a toy penguin canonised by a friend and I when we were kids. I am otherwise I am apathetic in my beliefs. 


I am diagnosed as schizoaffective and ADHD, the first of which I am medicated for, the second I am unfortunately stuck without treatment for (the meds disagree with me). As such I am kind of all over the place at times. I am currently unable to work due to treatment resistance and try and do the most I can with my life as is. For 10-11ish years of my 12 years being ill I was diagnosed as being Bipolar 1, presenting as very classic in my symptoms initially, but things can change over time and change they did. 


In the real world, I am painter who recently finished my masters in visual arts. I am equally passionate about medical history and that is in turn the subject of all I create. My artwork portfolio can be seen here, if you are interested. It’s organised into various folders because I paint quickly and I paint a lot. 


Once weekly I spend time helping out at a local medical museum. It’s the best, most fitting, volunteer job I could ever have dreamed up for myself. I work around some retired doctors and I get to display and catalogue antique medical equipment, books, and machinery. I am very happy there, I wish I could do more.


My history on crazyboards is considerably brief, compared to some. I’ve been around 2 years. It’s much easier to be here for me than it is to be in a real life community. I probably like to dish out advice too liberally sometimes, but it’s genial and meant to help. I can be prickly at times with prickly is appropriate. 


My sentiments towards mental illness are utterly pro-treatment and I am strongly against self-diagnosis. Because of my interests in medicine and medical history, I have great respect for doctors and the hard work it takes for a person to become not just a doctor, but a specialist. I don’t equate putting words in a search engine with a medical license and I think it is dangerous to do so. So if you go proclaiming yourself one thing or another because google said so, be fore-warned, I might toss a hedgehog in your direction.


So, that’s about that, plus some. Oh… I like cats and have three of them, and that’s very relevant information for me to end this on.

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