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Has anyone used Wellbutrin with Celexa?

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Hey all,

Celexa is the best drug for me, but I can only take a tiny dose or I gain tons of weight.  I get a small antidepressant effect from a small dose, but I don't feel it's adequate.  However, I have tried lots of other drugs and none of them work for me.

I also have anorgasmia when I take Celexa, even at the lowest dose!!!  It's a really frustrating side effect.

I have heard a little bit about adding Wellbutrin to the mix to boost the effects of Celexa and/or help the side effects.  However, my doc doesn't know about this (he's very young and new to the field). 

Have any of you taken Wellbutrin along with Celexa?  Did it make Celexa work better or decreasing Celexa's side effects?  What doses were you taking?

By the way, I have taken Wellbutrin on its own but it gives me terrible cognitive blunting and didn't seem to have a great antidepressent effect (for me).

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