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AMAZING self-regulation link

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Wow. That is wonderful!!! THank you woo. 

It;s like the nurturing all knowing mother I never met is asking all about me, making sure I am ok and doing everything that needs to be done to make me stable.

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3 hours ago, Wooster said:

It's pretty amazing, right?

It IS, if only because it is so simple and easy.

There are the exact questions to ask in the exact right way at the exact right time. Everything comes across very easy and very simple. You don't feel stupid or an idiot because of your issues, nobody is making you wrong and yet....there are solutions, compromises, understandings. And it is free!

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On 7/23/2019 at 5:57 AM, Blahblah said:

Love the title. Trying this now. Every little reminder helps sometimes....


overall very good stuff

though "take a nap" is a bit rich for those who cannot sleep

(i understand where it comes from, PLEASE skill, sleep hygiene etc)

(just when you can't sleep, you.... can't sleep.)

(personal issue of the present time)

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