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Fed up with Lexapro

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Okay, mainly with myself but I'm ready to ditch this Lexapro.  I'm only on 10mg been for about 5 weeks the first 3 were good and the 4th down hill...

I'm just so tired of hit and miss on these drugs.  Zoloft for 11 years, Cymbalta for 5 months and now Lexapro.  I feel like quitting meds all together.  Oh, for depression/anxiety/intrusive thoughts, insomnia. 

Ya, anyone who knows me knows I'm anal about insomnia.  So that being said, beginning my 4th week of Lex, my insomnia paid a visit and just won't leave. 

Sorry about the ranting, but I'm really doing a slow spiral downward.  I thought about leaving this board thinking maybe it was my spending too much time reading through this and freaking about side effects and my hypochondrias.

I just don't feel like I'm getting any better.  Not to mention the winter blah/blues.

I need help getting myself back out of this fucking hole...before I ditch meds completely, any advice?

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I would urge you to stay on the lex for another few weeks. For many people the sudden improvement in the first weeks and then the plateau that many of us hit seems like a downward trend instead of just a slower recovery. It does continue to improve for lots of people. It is also possible you need to bump the dose up just a bit. Of course then you wont know how that is going to work for another 4 to 6 weeks before your brain stablizes.

What happened with the Zoloft after 11 years? I had been on paxil for almost that long and thought I needed a switch.

After a few ugly tries with WB and then lex I went back to paxil and its working beautifully again. 

You really don't want to go med-less unless you are stable and being followed closely by a Doc.


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Thanks CC, I'm gonna try to stick it out.  I just get to insomnia paranoid that everything else seems to get out of control and I personally feel out of control.  Do ya think I should up to 15 mg? Dr. supports it but does think tank could be possible shit of late.  God I was even thinking of going back to Cymbalta but just to 30 mg.  What the fuck do I know anymore. 

I think what helped with the Zoloft was I just blindly took it.  There was no internet to see the pros and cons (cause I'm a hypochondriac spec. when someone says it causes insomnia, hence I catch it  ;) ).  I think I did well for a while but my emotions were flat (like they've become w/Lex) and I wanted to see what life w/o med was like again.  Bad news...and here we go again...

Also, I'm feelin kinda fat lately.  Lex?  Who knows anymore.

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