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Questions about this board.

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Ah, good catch lucy92.

We lost many threads in this board recently due to a privacy concern.

The general gist is:

-This is a pro-recovery site. We are here to help each other and support each other toward finding other ways of coping with whatever drives us to self harm.
-Posting pictures or images of self harm is never necessary. If you want to ask if something needs medical treatment, the answer is a) there's no possible way a group of wingnuts on the internet could determine that, and b) yes, it needs to be assessed by a professional.
-Graphic descriptions (as opposed to general) that talk about specific methods of self harm and specific locations will be edited/will be asked to be edited.
-Romanticizing self harm also is a no go.
-While we generally don't ask people to use trigger warnings on CB because each person is responsible for their own triggers, we do encourage people to use discretion about that on this section.

Other peeps, what am I missing?

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You're allowed to talk about thinking about it/doing it, but with the aim of getting support/working towards stopping (even if you have slips and lapses which is expected and fine to talk about).  Nothing that frames self-harm as beautiful, or artistic.  We think about it as a coping mechanism and we aim to help people come up with other coping mechanisms that work as well without the negative consequences.

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Totally ok to say you're having thoughts. Totally ok to say, "Well crap, that didn't go as planned. I ended up using self harm to cope."

Really not ok to write love poems to your chosen instrument of self harm. (We ship all poetry on the boards to Vogon Poetry Thread and/or encourage people to start a blog.) Other examples of romanticizing would be things like "it's the only thing that ever works for me" without being willing to consider what other ideas might be out there. 

In general, post here (or go to chat) if you want help and support, please be willing to consider the help and support that is offered.

Also, what tryp said.

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If you read some of the recent threads, it will help you get a sense of what is acceptable.

Basically, if you're working towards stopping (even if you're ambivalent, or slip up) we're here to support that.

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