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I haven't seen any rules about the blogs. So, before I write I figured I should ask what the rules are for writing blogs. What are they allowed to contain, and is anything banned? Thanks. 

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There pretty much aren't any rules for the blogs.  Don't post porn or say anything that could cause legal problems for yourself or the site.  No SI pics and no discussion of suicide methods.   As a rule of thumb, site moderators only intervene in blogs when asked by the owner or other users.  

Use common sense and you'll be fine.  

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You're more likely to get comments on your blog if you post in others' comments; if they don't want comments then they'll have made it private so don't worry about intruding.

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34 minutes ago, Igobihim said:

Can you have more than one blog?

Yes! And you can have any combination of public and private blogs you wish.

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You can't post pictures of your genitals with the caption "How about those kahunas baby?" on your blog. Or so says the PC Nazis here. It's art! No I haven't done that at all and I think you're free to rant about anything that you want as long as it's not offending anyone. I don't know the rules but I've never been pulled up on anything I've said, and the fact that you asked suggests that you aren't going to write a blog entry about why you hate chinese people or anything like that.

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      I am experiencing some difficult decisions lately so i thought i would express some thoughts through a poem.

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      Yes three days.....that's about the norm for me. New obsessions, if I do actually act on them, rarely last longer than the 3 day mark.

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      Recently I post several comments on blogs and they haven't showed up on the comment section.
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      Curious (and bored enough) to know when they will be displayed.  
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