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I was at the local small indie artsy dvd store last night and saw a copy of an 11 minute movie called "A is for Autism"

It's a cartoon with narration over it. Much of the cartoon is this one kid's drawings of trains which are really fucking cool, esp. if you think about how insanley long it would take to draw that long of a toon in pencil/crayon on paper and the immense detail of the drawings... The narrators are both kids and adults (of course Grandin is one of the narrarators)

One blurb i read about it said that it was supposed to explain what autism felt like. I didn't see it as that... I thought it was more of a short artistic peice about self expression. (my friend, who watched it with me and doesn't know much about autism said "well that didn't really explain anything, did it?" to which i responded "i don't think it was supposed to" but apparently, according to some reviews, it was supposed to...) but i found it refreshingly not pedantic or preachy or sympathy invoking... just a very interesting short talking about what the world feels like, while avoiding all much of the things that usually surround portrayals of autism that are misleading and such. (not about rainman or savants... not about speaking for autistics, etc.)

and, i'm curious to see if any of you have seen it, and what you thought about it.

so far i'm giving it a thumbs up, but i usually have to watch things 900 times before making that kind of decision official.

it's not available in US format, but you can get a computer program that decodes DVDs (which is how i watched it.)

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