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Hi all, I'm new and just made a post in the bipolar forums but figured I should introduce myself here as well.

I am 28, a mom of 2, and live on the East Coast. I was first diagnosed with major depression at the age of 13, and was later diagnosed with MULTIPLE mental illnesses at the age of 24 (Bipolar I, GAD, EDNOS, Schizoaffective Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, complex PTSD, and OCD). At the age of 25 I was also "diagnosed" as an alcoholic. I am extremely self destructive whether I'm depressed or manic and it has been a very rough few years.

I've been searching for a mental health support forum for quite some time so I am hoping I can become comfortable here, make friends, and support some others who are struggling along side me.

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Hi and welcome to Crazyboards. I'm glad you joined us, and I'm sorry that you are suffering, but you will not be alone here.

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Welcome!  Did you used to post on Makeupalley?  There was someone with the same SN who would post on the nail care board regularly.  Sorry if that sounds weird, just curious ;)

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Hi there, I'm new here, too.  I can definitely relate to beIng self destructive, I'm sure a lot of people can.  I hope we both find comfort here, seems like a great place.


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Edit to say I also love hello kitty!

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    • By huntforbravery
      Hi everyone!
      I'm huntforbravery. I've got social phobia and it's been kicking my ass lately. I thought joining a community might help me to talk some of it through. Not to mention I'll get to meet new people through the comfort of anonymity . I just graduated from school and am on the job hunt. I spend a lot of time binging TV and blogging. I try and get out of the house and be social when I can. My anxiety can make it hard, though, especially with things like networking events that I can't get out of. Thankfully, I have a good support network who help me through the worst of it.
      It's nice to meet you all.
    • By HobbitInHell
      Hello everyone, thought I would do what everyone else has done and introduce myself a little.
      (Possible Trigger below)
      I am George, I live in Dagenham with my soulmate. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, and depression. I spend everyday indoors, but I do try to go outside at least once during the day. I used to be a member of the Mental Health Forum but felt unwelcome after a couple of years, then I joined RethinkTalk which was great until it closed down and ever since I have been trying to find somewhere else to go...Then a few days ago I found this place!
      It seemed good to me, and I put a lot of effort into getting here..Considering I had to register over ten times, and create a yahoo account. So obviously I am glad I finally have an account, and can check the place out. I used to be on Citalopram for a short period of time, but then stopped taking them and decided to improve myself, by myself. Last couple of years have dedicated my time into doing just that-sorting my head out!
      I have not self harmed since a year ago, I no longer starve myself or force myself to throw up, I even ate some things in front of people (phobia of eating in front of people), have gained confidence in myself, haven't tried to kill myself since 2010 and I am generally doing a lot better in life. Although I still have a LOT to work on, I am getting there slowly. 
      Anyway yeah that's me, and my shitty intro
    • By Erebos
      Hello CB

      I'm Tim, a 29 year old from Australia and I really like the looks of this place, the discussions here just look more real than I'm used to seeing in other mental illness groups and forums. My current diagnoses are Schizophrenia with Mood Component and Melancholic Depression though me and the pdoc seem to be approaching the illness as schizo-affective or more just a killer combo of schizophrenia and bipolar(which was a past diagnosis). I'm a mess, I make digital art every now and then and spend most of my time in my apartment doing something with a computer. I recently deteriorated after losing a volunteer role at a library, my time with a support org expiring and a sister's wedding to overwhelm me, I am making steps to get a life of sorts together again: found a place I might volunteer at, hooked up with another support organisation, reengaged with my pdoc and starting up with a personal trainer. I don't know how I'll end up but actually finding a forum that seems to fit can only help. I look forward to getting to know you all.
    • By hellokittyqueen
      Hi all, I'm a 28 year old mother and wife who has been battling mental illness since I was 13. I was originally dx'd with major depression. I experienced very, very extreme lows and some enjoyable highs between the ages of 13 and 23. However, I had my second child on my 23rd birthday and I began experiencing psychotic symptoms. I went to a psychiatrist who told me I was just stressed from having two children under the age of two and to take up drinking wine or smoking. At the time I was living in Japan where English speaking providers that accepted my insurance were literally non-existent besides this psychiatrist so I suffered severely for the first 9 months of my sons life.
      After returning to the states my behaviors became more pronounced and severe. Self harm and destruction in multiple forms, and completely unable to function more than half of the days of the week. On top of everything my children both have special needs, one being autistic and the other having pediatric anxiety, and my husband's job has him working long hours and often away from home for weeks or months at a time. I eventually ended up at a new psychiatrists office after visiting my PCM and them feeling I needed to be evaluated and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I, GAD, Schizoaffective Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, complex PTSD, EDNOS, and OCD. I was also "diagnosed" as an alcoholic and began treatment for that as well. I started an array of medications and we tweaked them until we got a cocktail that worked for a while. A year or so later I was hospitalized after telling my husband I was going to kill myself. (I have considered suicide hundreds of times and actually attempted 5 times, 3 of those occurred after my husband and I began seeing one another) I spent 9 hours in the ER in solitary confinement until they could find me a bed. The stay at the psych ward helped me immensely. When I was discharged and saw my doctor next he asked if I was making it up for attention, and then I began looking for a new doctor because I felt very invalidated.This was in 2014.
      Since then I've seen two different psychiatrists. The new one I saw after the first doc that made me feel like I was invalidated back in 2014 had his office closed down unexpectedly by the hospital it operated inside of, so I just began seeing a new psychiatrist in December of 2015.
      What brings me to the forum tonight is this: It's 5:56am EST where I live and I haven't slept a single minute tonight. As a matter of fact, I haven't slept willingly in almost a week. I'm instead playing video games, shopping, or talking to friends. Browsing YouTube, downloading music, watching Netflix. When I -have- slept it's because I am literally stuffing myself with pills. Ambien, xanax, norco, melatonin, and sometimes my depakote. Without theses meds, I literally cannot stop going. I'm starting to feel concerned that I should speak to either my psychiatrists office or simply walk into the hospital because of the lack of sleep, the fact that I'm having racing obsessive thoughts, and I'm easily agitated and irritable. The issue, that I know will come up and will only further irritate and piss me off, is that I have not willingly taken my meds daily in almost 3 weeks which is what I'm sure triggered this. I have been prescribed a high dose of lithium and depakote as well as wellbutrin and I haven't taken them but a small handful of days since they were prescribed on March 21st. I am typically very compliant with meds, but I just haven't felt like taking them so I haven't been. My husband has made many remarks about my behavior and asking me if I have taken them and I've been dishonest, responding that I have. The last time I went through this and I went to the local hospital dedicated only to psychiatric inpatient services they turned me away, saying that I wasn't "severe enough" to be admitted to their facility, even though my psychiatrist had physically escorted me there during one of my appointments with him. He was very frustrated but helped me find PHP options and we worked from there. The PHP no longer accepts my insurance, and I no longer see that psych. I don't know how my new psych will respond if I am completely honest with her so part of me wants to just ride this out and see what happens. Obviously, I feel conflicted enough to post here about it.
      So, I'm opening myself up to advice and any personal anecdotes you may feel like sharing. Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond.
    • By overthinkin
      Hi folks,
      I'm overthinkin, and I'm a 29 year old guy. I have social phobia and anxiety symptoms which I felt like I had under control, but recently I've really been struggling with ruminating, avoidance, and guilt issues. I've been trying to really increase my use of coping skills and supports, but it can be tough sometimes. I did some google-fu for self-help stuff this week which led me in a roundabout way to here; it seems like a cool place and I look forward to interacting with everybody. I'll probably mostly lurk but I might infrequently post in the anxiety forums, but may chime in other places too.
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