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This topic is about insomnia but since the drugs involved are benzo, I decided to post at benzo, moderators, feel free to move. :)

I'm really having difficult falling sleep more than staying sleeping, based on the fact that I have everyday problems to fall sleep and only sometimes I wake up on the middle of the night (nights awakening happens about once, twice maximum a week and most of the time I can go to sleep right off this mid sleep awaking), I'm starting to wonder if Temazepam is a better choice than Flurazepam or Estazolam. 

Anyone tried any of those drugs and can give me a light on how effective could Temazpeam be to fall sleep in comparison with Flurazepam or Estazolam?

I appreciate.

Ps: I tried all Z-Drugs available where I live and I'm not considering low dosages of Seroquel because of side effects.

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