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Benzos and cognition

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I'm taking 4 - 6 mg of lorazepam and 2 - 3 mg alprazolam every day for over 2 years. And no, don't bother to advise me to tapper them down, cose if these meds weren't invented I would've been a vegetable watching TV series online all day long - no school, no social interaction - a ruined life... so please. 

I could write an interminable list of antidepressants of all kind and other "helpful" medicines that didn't work for me ever.

The only meds I didn't get my hands on are powerful stimulants (unfortunately I can't get any because they're are not on the market now). Bupropion and pramiracetam were helpful, but no more.

I have to write my thesis, I'm bored, depressed, uninterested of anything, my brain effectively is not working...

My only joy are some red wine glasses and sometimes beer.

Thank you!

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I don't think you have permanently impaired yourself by this dosage of those benzos for this long and I'll stop here since you don't want advices.

At the time when I majored I had another possibility of diagnoses and was on three dosages of benzos a day.

My thesis was probably only written because of motivational skill of craft beer.

I'm a wine lover too.

When I'm fine, at least once a month I open a bottle of wine to review it, I think it's an art form, this is a great joy for me, my psychiatrist said for me to spit it as mostly wine taster do, I don't know if I'm on denial or I think it's a waste. 

Maybe right now, whatever it works.

I personally think you have room for improvement, but what do I know?

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Um.. No real.. Advice but I.. We relate to a lot of this, if for different reasons. Feeling.. Frustrated by your brain not working as well as it used to, struggling with things you know you'd have been able to take without breaking stride years before. Yeah.


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I have tried a lot of benzos, and I can say unless you have a paradoxical reaction or anxiety was causing your distress, then they won't make you happy/, give you energy, etc. Actuallly, some of them at long term can make you more tired, slow, ... I don't understand from you post if your depression, lack of interest and so are a side effect from benzos or a symptom of a MI (or both).

I take bupropion for triedness and klonopil PRN. ADs don't help my mood/anxiety either. Benzo at long term make me a sleepy thing (actually, I took them diarly when my depression was bad to the point I couldn't stand being awake -conscious-) The only thing that help is sleep deprivation. (Actually there is a type of therapy called wake therapy). One day I don't sleep at all in the night (and depression/anxiety goes away!) and I sleep 90 minutes in the evening, then 3 hours at night (from 4:00am to 7:00am) and I continue increasing night sleeping slowly until I reach 6 hours. It's not a cure. After a couples of days sleeping 6 hours (2-3) depression comes back, but not as strong as before -It returns as mild depression, more like dysthymia- (I just do it when I am so depressed I woulnd't move from my bed If I didn't take bupropion, I hear voices telling me "kill yourself", I lose weight, ...)

The problem: If you don't do it well, and it depends on each person, you can get psychotic, maniac, hypomaniac, panic attacks or worse your depresson (rebound effect). All these things have happened to me during my "tests" with sleep deprivation. (1.I was a teen.  2. I  didn't have a pdoc and I could't one.  3. I was living in an abusive home and I didn't care about consequences -anyone did-.  It was trying something or die.)


My advice: if meds don't help enough, talk with your pdoc about other options, because there are many.

Note: I wouldn't take alcohol while taking diary benzo, they can make side effects worse at long term.

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