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Most fucked up thing a medical professional said to you.

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  • 2 years later...

I've not really had totally fucked up things said like some in the comments but i've had some pretty dismisive and downplaying comments said   a couple that spring to mind

A therapist in a OCD group telling the people there "Everyones a bit OCD" Found that very downplaying...I actually said something to her over it

In my notes one Pdoc acussing me of still taking Mirtazapine at 45mg after claiming to have gone med free which i actually had...So in effect calling me a liar

I've tried drugs in the past...Nothing heavy yet in my notes it makes it out to be worse than what it was..

Theres a few bits and bats of other stuff but i'd have to look through my notes as some of it is in there..

On the whole nothing heavy but a few mistruths/Downplaying symptoms and twisting of words of things i've said

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    • By BorderlineWintergirl
      Omfg why does finding a pdoc have to be such a problem!? Like as soon as I find one with an office near me, they're either not accepting new patients or off my insurance (so they cost like $200 an appointment). It's like the universe is saying "I want you to suffer, bitch!" like what the hell?!
      Does anyone have any advice about finding a pdoc? I called my health insurance, but all they did was try to push therapy. They even called to today about scheduling me a therapy appointment when I called to find a psychiatrist. Like, therapy is great and everything, but I need meds.
      At this point, I just don't know what to do in order to get help.
    • By mistermartini
      I am unsure if I am posting in the right place, so I apologize if I am. I just got word two days ago that my psychiatrist is leaving the clinic that I go to, and that next week is his last week. When I asked the office staff where he was going, no one knew. This is really hard for me to deal with as I became emotionally attached to him. He only worked at the clinic that I go to for a little over a year. This is a huge shock to me. I was told that I would be put on a waiting list for the new psychiatrist who will be replacing him. I have trust issues and I am wary of seeing someone new; and this is really upsetting to me because I really trusted my pdoc. I am wondering, that if he is staying local if I am allowed to still see him? and how can I found out where he is going if his office staff won't tell me? will my insurance company know where he's going, or are there any other resources that could help me find out where he is going? A lot of things were left unanswered for me and I would really like some closure. I am having a very hard time dealing with him leaving, any advice is much appreciated. 
    • By crazyguy
      Just had the most shitty experience with a new pdoc.  This doc was totally cold, indifferent and didn't read my file so I was cross questioned about my medication history for much of the appointment which was incredibly stressful -all the info required would already be in my file.   Then I was asked to explain all the meds I've tried and made to feel bad for the reasons I stopped taking them (i.e. they didn't work + had intolerable side-effects).   I was given an interrogation about current benzo usage, although again this is on my record and is decreased anyway.  
      Then I was told I have 'tried everything' (not true) and I when I asked I was given a flat no to the two therapies I wanted to discuss... oh and I was and patronized too. 
      I was told depression isn't severe in a way which felt incredibly dismissive.   OK maybe my depression isn't severe compared to the worst cases, but my low mood it is lasting many years  with persistent suicidal thoughts and ideas.  Inability to function/work/etc.
      The this doc said well we could try some anti psychotic and when I paused for thought she then pressured me to make a decision because our time was up.  I then got rushed out the door. Now I'm back at home obsessing over suicide methods again. ugh. 
      Mental health care in the UK is screwed up.  There is no choice and no real support.  The doctors I've experienced are either incompetent or disinterested... I do wonder why they bother.  Does psychiatry training accept doctors that have failed in other specialities or something?
    • By Mimsy
      So... I did something kind of bad.  When I saw my pdoc 6 months ago, she accidentally sent through a request for 400mg of Seroquel instead of 300, realized her mistake and resent it with the correct dosage.  I said I would make sure the dosage was correct when I went to pick up my meds, but forgot, and it turned out it was the 400mg.  I didn't realize until after the pharmacy was closed, so I just split the pill up intending on going back the next day.  But then I didnt because I'm super avoidant and got scared that I would get in trouble.  So then I didnt go in some more, and decided to stick with it because of fears of not being able to afford more frequent refills with my current insurance.  Fast forward to today, and my pdoc calls and leaves a message saying she has a question about a refill request.  I am terrified that I'll get into huge trouble with insurance fraud or something, so I have no idea what to tell her.  I'm also terrible at lying.  Help? Advice? Please??
    • By aura
      Has anyone else here ever experienced an anti-depressant or medication induced manic "switch"? Was it after being diagnosed, or were you diagnosed because of such an episode?
      I ask because I was recently re-diagnosed as bipolar following such a switch. My now-previous pdoc felt the diagnosis fit well, considering my reported history. My new pdoc seems to take an entirely different view; he thinks that anti-depressants can cause, in some people, symptoms that mimic mania. He's less interested in my reported history and more in what symptoms I present with at the moment. Needless to say, I'm confused (and as far as I understand, so is the profession of psychiatry on this issue). I am concerned about what this means for my long-term care, so I was hoping to hear some other experiences. 
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