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What sticks to a cork board/bulletin board besides thumbtacks?

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i don't want to puncture pictures a billion times with thumbtacks plus my nephew sometimes pulls things down from my board and i don't want thumbtacks flying everywhere.

any ideas? i don't know if sticky tack will work.. but it seems unlikely.

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29 minutes ago, Duelist said:

I wonder if command sticky stuff, the command wall strips would? Have you tried them?

i've not tried those! i just googled it and apparently they can hold up a whole cork board itself so they could potentially work to hold other things to it, too. thanks! im going to price them locally.

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Cool, glad I thought of it. Hope it works cosima! My son had one of those cool wall race tracks? Command strips held it up. If it's not TOO heavy, they can do a surprising amount of holding power.


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I agree with the strips idea. I used them to hang up posters and they did not damage the poster nor the wall (if you are a little careful). That has been my experience. I love them! I used to use them in various apartments I rented so as not to make holes in the wall. 

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You could go to a junkyard and take the door off a discarded refrigerator and prop it against your wall in place of your cork board. Then magnets would work. The downside is that you might find yourself trying to open it sometimes, absentmindedly thinking you’d like something to drink. So potential for periodic frustration. Or, you could just shift your actual refrigerator.

That’s not really helpful, is it?

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