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Real Klonopin vs Clonzepam

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Hey y'all,

I used to be Crazy Jack here. (I think?) I forgot my password and have switched ISP's so I return to the forum as CrazyTown. 

For years now (about 6, I think) I've been on Lexapro and Clonazepam for General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and PTSD. I was up to 30 Mg of Lexxy (name brand) but throttled back to 20 Mg a few months back. I can take up to 4 Mg of Clonazepam per day via PDOC instructions. I see him every 3 months for follow up. Life has been better since I've been on and adjusted to the meds. Then, out of no where, disaster strikes, real close to home. 

It put me into a a high state of anxiety, but the depression was okay. And, just as this sh*t is going down, Wal Mart switched the generic Clonazepam from Brand T to Brand A. I had been getting along great with 2 Mg per day of Brand T for months. Sleeping good, mood good, overall no complaints. Then Brand A shows up in my refill and it's completely non effective. No BS, it feels like it's 80% less potent than Brand T. So, I have my appointment with PDOC, and he writes me up for Brand name Klonopin. It shows up today, and now I am worried that when I take it tonight, it's going to be so potent, it may knock me on my butt. So I come back to ask for any opinions from those who have been on both the name brand and the generic. Is there a big difference? 

I know the law states very clearly what these Generics are supposed to contain as far as the actual medicine part of the drug. That said, I don't buy for a single second that these Generic companies are following the rules. Just with Clonazepam, I've found that Brand T is reliable all the time. Brand M, is nowhere near the strength of Brand T. And now, Brand A is even less potent than Brand M. The PDOC says the typical nonsense, no they're all the same. LOL, is he serious? Not a chance, I've been on this stuff long enough to know when it's working and when it's not. The only time it's failed to work is when I was off of Brand T. 

Any thoughts on the real Klonopin as far as how potent it is compared to the generics would be mucho appreciated my friends. 

Thanks from CrazyTown

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On May 14, 2016 at 7:54 PM, toast said:

You're not crazy.

The FDA's guideline for a generic is that they have to be bio-equivalent. It doesn't say anything about bio-availability, how much is actually absorbed and metabolized by the body. Different manufacturers will differ in bio-availability because they use cheaper manufacturing techniques and hence even though it's the same drug, the efficacy is going to be different.

i'm wondering if this is why clonazepam is so ineffective for me. maybe its the particular generic i was tried on.

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Thanks for the replies. I've now taken the name brand Klonopin for the past 2 nights. 2 x 1Mg tablets before bed. The first night it worked nicely. The second night I was congested as a mofo and didn't sleep worth a crap last night. As for the potency, while it certainly seems much better than the brand A generic, to me, it's not any better than the brand T generic I've taken for years. 

Certainly not worth the extra 50 bucks in copay for my 3 month supply. I'm going to go back to the brand T next script, even if I have to switch pharmacies. As for my current situation, I have a choice between Brand A and the Name brand. I'll see how it goes. My final humble opinion, the name brand is no big deal at all. Better than brand A, but about the same as brand T. Of course, this is subjective and can be different for every person, so there's that.


Thanks everyone

CrazyTown, out

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