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You're thinking something about me, right? Something I don't want to hear?

So say it. Come on. Just come out and say it.

You put those words in my head once and it will torture me for the rest of my life. So go ahead. All you have to do is say it and I will hear you loud and clear... over and over, in my head, for the rest of my life.

But let's not kid ourselves. You're going to say it more than just once anyway.

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Lol, I'm not paranoid. At least, I'm pretty sure I'm not. It's just that this is actually how I feel around people, all the time.

Sooner or later every one of them says something really hurtful to me, usually somehow thinking they're being helpful or whatever, and then because I'm upset by it they assume I'm not listening and decide it's obviously the best course to be really insistent and say it again, and again, and again.

But no, I heard it the first time, and it's been eating away at me ever since. All of it. Even the parts which aren't true.

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