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I have changed meds several times in the past 6 months to a year with little relief. Recently having more visions and anxiety. Irritability. I had genetic testing done and just got the results last week, so hopefully that will help my pdoc with knowing the right meds for me.

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What you write sounds like when I am on the depressed side of SZA. 

Maybe you need a med tweak?

Dusk ... I've had testing done also.  Called Assurex.  All I had to do was do a cheek swab twice, then it gets sent in by Federal Express, and a day or 2 later you have this results.


I haven't changed my meds because of it because I am stable, but my pdoc refers to it once in awhile.  The results say whether certain meds might be interactive which each other, like sometimes a little dose of a med is better than a higher dose (where more doesn't mean a good thing).  Hopefully that makes sense.

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