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Treatment of chronic pain for people living with hiv

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A neat article published in 1993 yet is still very relevant in my opinion:


It's really frustrating... You know... That feeling when you experience on and off severe pain that is debilitating and your family doctor flat out tells you that he/she does not prescribe pain medications and that you need to be referred to a "pain clinic" to get the medications that relieve your pain. So, asking her if she would be able to refer me to a pain clinic and hearing her say "No" pretty much sealed any further attempts at trying to get through to her.

It's gotten to the point where I've stopped seeing the family doctor I've seen for over 2 years to seeing a new family doc. later today to start a new page with. Hoping that at least he/she will take me more seriously.

I recently stumbled upon a few good scholarly articles in regards to the treatment of chronic pain in people with hiv and the number one cause for concern is the addictive potential the opiods have that prevents most docs from prescribing them. The articles go on to say that this concern should not be in the way of treating chronic pain, rather, it should be used carefully and they should monitor their patients more closely instead.

I was an addict two years ago...but thats why i went to rehab and made it out, successfully. I have been 2 years clean of any non prescription drugs and have not abused my prescription drugs either. Why do I have to go to the emergency everytime im having chronic pain for that shot of hydromorphone? Why can the doctors not come to their senses and realize how much stress and money is placed into these emergency visits? Ive had to go to the hospital 3 times last week so that my pain could be gone. Even if was only for a few hours... It's just upsetting that it has to be this way so far. Here's to hoping my new family doc will cooperate with my hiv specialist and psychiatrist to treat my chronic pain without me having to see the emerg. doc everytime.


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Good news today. My new family doctor is on the same page as my specialists and has decided to start me on percocets instead of hydromorphone, since the hydromorphone tablets were basically doing nothing to me. It seems like only hydromorphone injections work as intended.

Here's to hoping percocet works to relieve my chronic nerve and muscle pain!

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