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Hi there,

Doctors and therapists always tell you to get out in the sun for mood lifting and vitamin D. However, I find that intense sunlight is overstimulating. Does anyone else have that feeling? I think it might have been a trigger for my recent mixed episode. I am a night owl in general, so I tend to go out at night for exercise, etc. The light at dusk is calming to me...especially since I have a tendency to agoraphobia and hate the daytime traffic.

What are your thoughts?




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9 hours ago, saintalto said:

I have heard people here say light can be overstimulating in a discussion about using those special lamps. I wish I could tell you more but I can't remember much else. 

I have heard the same thing about those lamps.  I forget what they are called ... are these like the ones you are talking about?




Sun makes me both irritated and irritable only when it is hot and humid.  Any other days the sun doesn't bother me when outside, no matter how bright.

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SAD lights. You probably already guessed this, but SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. A few people on the site (I am among them) find SAD lights too stimulating, and I became hypo both times I tried to use it.

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