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Irritated all the time

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Anyone with bipolar get stur crazy , like you just want to go out an do something but you don't know what also impair. With being easily irritated an kinda done with people I don't know why but all this month I'm just plain agrivated I don't know why  np used my sequoel to 100mg like three weeks ago 

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Yes, I have gotten like this so many times.  To me it is like the whole world is going so fast I need scream for it to stand still.

It has gotten better.  But it starts with me being irritable, not too bad, not out of control.  Add stress and anxiety, and also part feeling out of control about something, and I feel like I am losing it.

I know you started a higher dose of seroquel 3 weeks ago, but maybe you should call your np back and let him/her know it isn't helping.  Sometimes it takes longer than 3 weeks to feel the effect of a dose change, but I'd call your np just to let him/her know you are still having all of the symptoms you mentioned in you OP.

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6 hours ago, sweetlysinister said:

I heard that it can give you a mad rash if you're not careful which is what my doctor is worried about 

It can, but it is very rare.  It is called Steven-Johnson Syndrome. 

If you do get a rash, get it checked by a DR.  Some people get a rash with lamictal, but it is not a problem.  But in general, getting any rash checked is a good idea.

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