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Ok, As some of you know Japan cannot have a military. So I had a dream that the southern coast of Japan was being targeted by China and N. Korea and scientist in Japan where wanting America to know that they wanted to develop a new kind of bomb called a gravity bomb.



it is ten times more powerful then the largest nuke and what it does I is it takes the gravity out of where it hits. For about ten minutes maybe the size of Texas starts to float off into the sky. Then all of a sudden the gravity comes back and everything falls to the ground leaving carnage everywhere but no nuclear fallout. 


Now remember folks i have have been having a lot of dreams like this so I have no clue what they mean.



the bomb was actually called a gravity nuke for the size of chaos it caused but left no nuclear marker. Wulp folks another end times dreams. 


Ppl don't you hate PTSD?

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Anyone have similar energy or dream recall like this. My two Nuclear dreams are profound and if they come true I will start thinking I'm a prophet and that God is giving me these detailed dreams to show ppl I'm and Him are not messing around.



please don't go into the delusional statement and cause confusion. Nobody will know until something occurrs and then they say ah man that dude had that same type of dream and now I believe in God because He used him to show ppl that the end is near. 



Bow im going off on my religious side because that came first before my PTSD. And these dreams have different elements to it that seem like God is trying to warn ppl. Now please I'm not preaching. I know it's not allowed on these forums but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Remember when that guy had a dream that two planes where going to hit the twin towers and he was in the towers when they hit. He wrote or told the dream to ppl then they where like wait a minute. There is a God or higher power and He is trying to tell us stuff.



This stuff just freaks me out. I know I was chosen to become a preacher. A Pentecostal preacher at that. Yes at one time I got freaked out by the way they act but one Sunday night the church was called to come up to the alter. Pastor Peterson said make a rainbow. And I was like the second one chosen and I had no clue what he was talking about but he said, ain't that right? And I said yes. 


I was seventeen when that happened. When I just turned twenty in 2005 that's when I started having dreams of nuclear blasts and end time stuff. It scares me so bad that I went to jail because I thought the jail cell was the safest place to be. 




So many coincidences where happening that it was too coincidental to be a coincidence and it aroused my curiously to know my Higher Power. After a year I gave my life to Christ. He was like the ultimate anti depressant. I was so happy and I was telling everybody what it felt like to know God. Now please I'm not preaching I'm just telling what happened to me. 


After two two years I went to the pdoc and he said I believe there is nothing wrong with you except you have a little anxiety which I did and could handle. I was struggling with lust so much. Then I get on risperdal and that first night I had a dream I was in a nuclear explosion and I couldn't see but I still had no problems like OCD and stuff.



after they put me on Lexapro that's when I started to have obsessive youths. One Sunday in May of 2008 I told God that I'm turning my back on you. That's when crap hit the fan and I started to go thru so much confusion and problems. 



Today day I can say I'm thankful that happened cause if it didn't I would of got back into meth. Have depraved sex with women and just ruin my life but because all these afflictions happened to me they got my mind off of sin and onto getting better.


now when I say I'm a prophet I don't mean like Daniel even tho my name is Daniel.


i mean that I have dreams and the funny thing is they come true most the time but I just don't share them. Sometimes it means personal stuff and sometimes its energy around the world. 


So so if I state something on here and it happens even I will be shocked because I'm still kinda of a baby in Christ. But I as chosen to be a minister but that will happen at the appointed time.

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Your cat is gorgeous.

Sonic, we've been down this road before. I believe you if you feel called to the ministry; that's a personal decision that has to come from your heart. But as it stands, I'm afraid that you would lose your way and end up scaring people and maybe even starting some sort of doomsday cult, and the world doesn't need more of those. In fact, I think each one makes the world a more dangerous place, because once people get an idea in their heads, it's almost like a toy they want to play with, and even their subtle actions in the way they live move the world closer to their vision of what could be. I think you can do better than that. You need to remember the love you feel.

And I think you need to go back to your doctor before you get too wrapped up in your dreams. Sometimes our dreams are just manifestations of our own anxieties, but human beings are great pattern-makers, and you can start to see things linking together where they really don't. Most often, dreams are just the digestive system of our minds.

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sonic, I'm worried about you. You've made 5 posts in this thread before anyone else responded. I can put part of your mind at ease maybe: there is not and never will be anything like a "gravity bomb." If anti-gravity existed, we wouldn't need rockets to put people in space. Ok. I know that's a technical detail in your message so I will leave it at that.

The reason I'm worried is because you always get wrapped up in end times and prophesy when you get sick I think you really need to consult your doctor. I wouldn't want to see you end up psychotic again.

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Last night no dreams. I mean like thank you God for that. Like gear head said I am very careful about not making another Waco. That's why I put stuff on here because I know it's wacky and heck of some of it comes to past well it was going to happen anyways. 



Im wondering why I never had a dream last night tho. My legs didn't hurt when I woke up and it's been raining so I thought for sure I would be hurting.


also jt. I'm fine. I do get wrapped up in them but as a Christian friend suggested maybe writing a fiction book because I have such a wild imagination. I thought ya I guess I could do that. Would need funding and also someone to edit but I could make stories out of the events in my mind I have been thru.

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