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frequent difficulty posting

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Hey all,

Trying to figure out if the issue is my computer, my account, or if it impacts multiple people.

For the past two days, I've fairly frequently hit a difficulty with posting.  Sometimes it looks like it's not going through and then shows the submit button again (without showing any evidence of the post above), but if I copy the text (in case I lose it) and hit the refresh button, my post/reply magically appears.  Other times, it completely times out when trying to submit, but then when I hit the back button and refresh, it shows my post.  I haven't yet had it actually not post the thing, it's just making things go much more slowly because I have to be cautious about every single one and whether it goes through. 

It's not 24-7, but I haven't seen any patterns about timing and I believe it was on more than one computer, but not 100% sure.  Wanted to see if others are having this problem or if it's something weird on my end.


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It looks like this is a problem again.  There's a new point release coming out in the next few days that is supposed to include performance fixes.  I'm assuming the problem is locks on the posts table and that will be solved once I FINALLY get everything converted to INNODB, but that's going to have to wait until I'm back on stimulants.  



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