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Zonegran for migraine prevention and sleep

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So out of the possibility that doxepin might be preventing me from losing weight and isn't 100% causing me to fall asleep, my neurologist has me slowly reducing it...the slowness because I've only had one migraine requiring imitrex and one headache that needed medication in the past two months--I've had others but they were manageable without medication.   

I'm also starting on Zonegran, so curious what others have experienced.  Reportedly it should help with headache and migraine prevention and then may help with the sleep issue and potentially not keep me from losing weight.  He said that he's had people respond to it who haven't responded to topamax (which I've taken but not really felt anything either way).  His comment was "it's actually the number one prescribed medication for migraine prevention in Japan, but fortunately it doesn't seem to know your ethnic or national background and works here as well."  Which made me smile.

the other variable is the fact that I'm currently on the reduced work hours and that might be going away in the near future--so we will see.

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I used zonegran for migraines for months, even though I wanted to stop it. My gut irritated me the entire time I was on it. And I got kidney damage as a result (which is REALLY rare). Others will have better experiences, that was just mine.

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Be careful of your liver, MaryJones. Acetimeniphin (I can't spell that, generic Tylenol) can cause liver damage if you take too much. You probably know that, but just in case, you should look up the daily maximum dose if you are taking it a lot.

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