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First time on Lithium - New to the forums - Please help if you can

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I've been reading a lot in forums and thought I would try to start asking some questions. So I rallied and joined today. 

I was first diagnosed a year and half ago with Major Depression and GAD. Since then I've undergone many treatments and I'm still not stable. I've tried a few SSRI's before I figured out they just made me feel like I'm nuts and pushed my anxiety through the roof. I've also tried Remeron, Welbutrin, Amitriptaline, Tentralix, Abilify, Risperidone, Clonazepam, Diazaepam. I've even tried unilateral ECT which seemed to help a small amount but then quickly wore off. Life has been feeling pretty hopeless as I had to quit my career about the same time last year; that's when the anxiety got out of control and the depression took deep roots. I've tried many treatments (drugs, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, ECT, etc..) since then.

My question today is around the use of Lithium as a stand alone drug. I haven't been diagnosed Bipolar but I've had a lot of suicidal ideation as of late, lots of headaches (did MRI's and every blood test in the book, ultrasound, hair tests, etc... I've done it all believe me), and the current diagnosis is major depression, GAD, and possibly OCD / obsessive thinking. So today my doctor prescribed 150 mg of Lithium to start, immediately stop the 0.75 mg of Risperidone I am on (couldn't think properly and very lethargic at 2mg so I've been titrating down - only on this one for around 8 weeks), and some Ativan PRN which I do not usually take. 

Has anyone had good experiences with a similar diagnosis and the use of Lithium? How long did it take for Lithium to start working? Please no negative replies; I can't manage any bad news at this point.

Thank you all for taking your time to provide insight (if you can),

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10 minutes ago, Asho2345 said:

Probably a thread for the mood stabilizers section

While lithium is sometimes used as an antidepressant, I agree this is a thread tor the mood stabilizers forum and am moving it there.

I have taken lithium for MDD but it was always used to augment an antidepressant.

By the way, welcome to the forums!

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I would also be interested to know about lithium. Side effects, what to expect, how much the doctors prescribe at first and how often the blood tests are, etc... I'm asking to go onto it from lamictal, since lamictal isn't working. I read up on it but the websites are so clinical, I'd like to hear experiences from real people.

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