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What Did You Accomplish Today?

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Turned in short term disability paperwork by fax

accepted I need short term disability and had my passwords to everything work related changed so I wouldn't be tempted to try to follow the cases others are handling for me

spoke with people at work to make sure above info was accurate

disclosed real nature of my "personal emergency" to two work colleagues

turned in application for PHP/IOP and asked if 32 day old physical would suffice for their 30 day old physical requirement

colored a whole lot of mandalas

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I got my Scrabble rating back up to what is for me a more acceptable number.  All in a days work!  I was beating higher rated players so my rating went up rather quickly. I strive to continue to improve.  

I stayed on my diet!  Hurray..  (proof that there ARE miracles!!!)

I went back in time via Facebook and read every single status I made on my timeline for the past year including the comments on each post.  This took me over and hour. It was very cool.  I am glad i kept everything upbeat.

I just feel the need to thank the universe for the abundance of great things it has given me.  I don't want to dwell on bad times but I just thought I might mention that there was a time when I was paralyzed with mental illness and could barely take a step forward mentally or physically.  I was scared out of my mind and had no sense of perspective or relativity.  That was almost two decades ago.  I started feeling better so slowly that at first I didn't even know it was happening.  It crept up on me during the spring of 2002 when I was 21.  Finally I realized that the hell was over and I was free.  I'll be 36 this September.  36..!!!!  I'm excited.  



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Thank you, melissa.

Chill, glad you are feeling good.

I managed to do some reading today and wrote a little but mostly just edited my manuscript. I realized that I have to rework an entire section. No big accomplishments to speak of today. My brain just isn't working because I slept so poorly last night.

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I ahhh.... got real catfood (And dogfood) for the pets.  Did you know that cats (mine in the I ran out of catfood emergency) enjoy cheese?  As long as its cut up into cubes small enough to scarf down.

I didn't drink 8 sodas.  more like 3 or 4.

I kept from going bonkers from listening to the cat howl at me to feed her this new wet food I'm trying out.  (Like meow howl for a straight hour)  If I let her I would be feeding this cat every 2 hours.  I've finally figured out that caving in and obeying the cat just makes her worse.  So when she starts up I pick her up and pet her and that calms things down.  part of today was quiet.  YEA!!!

I cleaned up my desk (for a while) its a giant mess worse then it started now.  Is that a thing?  Maybe not.


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Got myself out of bed at the right time (after only waking up twice prior--progress of sorts) for a pdoc appointment.

continuing to work with bank over a check that they lost that has already been withdrawn from the check-writers account.  Will draft nasty letter to corporate later today because between two calls it has taken two hours to somewhat resolve the issue....but it's not guaranteed resolved yet.

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Finished studying the English section of the ACT prep book

Spent maybe an hour studying French.

Did my therapy homework, took my meds.

Cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner.

Scooped the cat box, gave fresh food and water in new bowls.

Picked up the living room.

Did a load of laundry.

Took a shower and got dressed.

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I worked on packing up. I'm moving soon. I still have a ton to pack, but it's coming along.

I also took a walk and played Pokemon Go (it's a great motivator for me to go out and get some exercise, sunshine, and fresh air!)

Just now, I was working on a short story I'm writing for a friend.

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I figured out a way to adjust when I take a certain med (ok by pdoc, as long as I take the meds), so I can get more sleep and wake up later in the morning.  And then if I need to be up early I can adjust that pill again so when I take it I don't sleep as late.

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