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What Did You Accomplish Today?

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19 hours ago, dragonfly23 said:

got the plumbing fixed and cleaned up the mess that came with it.   ewww

Plumbers always leave a mess, no matter how small the thing is that needs to be fixed.  IME anyway.


TACP ... the banana upside down cake looks good!  I have never heard of this kind of cake!

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I went grocery shopping today. As far as writing goes ... zilch, nothing, nada. I hit a brick wall and until I find out the answer to my question, I can't continue. The whole course of my writing hangs on the answer to one question.

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I picked up meds for the SO and I.

I fixed someones smashed to hell Galaxy 7 phone.  And it works???  This is good because its the first one I've ever seen and I always think "Ok, I'm going to screw this up worse"

Uhh... I forgot to take the evening pills until just now...

I took the meds.

I hung out with SO.

Fed the pets without getting ticked off that the cat wants to eat every couple hours and that I have to keep turning the sink on and off for her to drink out of.  How weird is this?  The cat meows from the bathroom sink for me to turn it on (Thats not weird) but when she is done she meows for me to shut it off...  THAT blows my mind.    *I'm just glad she is ok again.

I went to bed (Now) at a semi reasonable time.



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So far. 

Got out of bed before 9 AM.

Taking a shower.

More later when I prepare for a weekend alone.  Yea!   I can play music as loud as I like and sit on the couch and smoke cigars.  Except I don't smoke.

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Emailing my neuro about why not prescribing a med, the same one he'd prescribed before.  And we emailed back and forth most of the day yesterday, me finally figuring out that I should ask him specific questions so he'd be more likely to get back to me.  And it worked, in part.  Right now we are at a some-what of a stand-still, and the email he sends back today (hopefully today), I think will get him closer to prescribing something, after a little under 2 weeks of stringing me along.

So I am accomplishing something.  At least I think and hope so.

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