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priceless art - and presumably people - at risk from flooding

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I've just learned about the substantial flooding that's happening in Paris and it looks like other parts of France and parts of Europe as well.  I actually learned through a rather interesting article that starts by discussing the impact of the flooding on two of Paris' main art museums (Louvre and Musee d'Orsay).  They've had to temporarily close in order to migrate lots of priceless art up from lower levels.  Apparently they have flood evacuation plans and practice at least annually.  I hadn't thought about this being a thing, but it makes sense:


The article doesn't really dive into much about the people impact, though it does mention a number of geographic areas of the city that are under water and that because of one roadway flooding, a substantial number of people having to be rescued. 

I hope any in the parts of Europe that are flooding are doing okay and safe.  I also hope that the museums save their collections--though the protecting life aspect is more important to me, I've been to both museums (including a good three days in the Louvre, though my favorite was actually the Musee d'Orsay) and they are gorgeous with amazing art.  It would be a shame to lose any of it. 

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