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 I'm on day seven of the sample pack at 40 mg, insanely irritable the last two days.  Not too much nausea and sleep is OK though I take a supplement that has melatonin and Valerian.  There really isn't a lot  on the Internet about this drug as far as reviews. I think I can manage the side effects but I'm wondering how long they last? If Anyone has ANY input on this drug I would greatly appreciate it. 

35, female

GAD since 1999

MDD since 2010

 I have only taken Zoloft for maybe three weeks in 2000, and just finished a four week trial of Lexapro… I think the doc may have taken me off the Lexapro too soon but I guess it's supposed to start working around three weeks. 

 I spent a long time trying to fix this bullshit myself and I'm over it. 

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Since Fetzima strongly affects norepinephrine, it can cause irritability, and I'm not sure when or even if that side effect goes away. Other side effects should abate within a few weeks like all other antidepressants. The important thing is whether it works for you. I'd give it a fair trial if I were you.

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My doc has me on Fetzima 20 mg and Viibryd 20 mg. He says I'm supposed to go up to 40 mg on both. Have been on 20 mg Viibryd for some time but when I stopped Abilify I crashed so he wants me to try the Fetzima and increase doses. I've got irritability and restlessness after only 5 days on 20 mg of both. (I'm bipolar with hypomania but I wouldn't mind a little of the hypomania). Anyone ever here of combining these two? My reg doc says this is too much. I feel like my pdoc is grasping at straws after all these years and meds I've been on. He says he's "being aggressive." And I'm so tired of side effects. I wish I could just stop them all and clean out my system but I do have to show up at work each day not crying or ranting. Right now I'm on samples of Fetzima, I have no idea how much it's going to cost me. Someone talk to me about this.

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Viibryd works mainly on serotonin and Fetzima works mainly on norepinephrine. In a way, they complement each other. I would listen to my pdoc if I were you. Pdocs are the ones with expertise treating MI. Your GP or family doctor should not be commenting on how a specialist (your psychiatrist) is treating you.

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