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Hello granny going to try DBT

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I swear the day i retired ftom a decades long career in healthcare my mental health tanked.

I hit a full on battle with Perry-ManyPaws and breast ca and family trauma all in a year

and it was one shitstorm after another, to include my husband having a major depression ( aspergers he is! )   More happened but trying not to ruminate.

holy shit did my mental health tank! 

I was a " crazy" kid teen and young adult but settled into life well i guess? 

NEVER, presented with or  allowed myself to be diagnosed because,  I worked where I had my healthcare. 

But from the time i was a child i have known my brain was in a state of disarray. I have on my own used CBT and it works for me 

so long story short? I need to attack my crazy now, with  DBT and a therapist to dump this on. I know way too much about this field and it sucks, because i am super manipulative with drs , i have had to be in my work, now it is bad risky behavior.


so i randomnly choose a provider who does use DBT,

I am taking drugs but are they correct? No. Probably not because i told my ARNP just to give them to me.  Bad bad. 

i need friends, correct treatment and compliance to it, really  want to be happy and enjoy life, right now i cant seem to do any of this.


a friend said to start posting here and see how it goes getting advice, so thanks for being here! 


My appt is Monday 

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Hi, Heckerdy! Welcome to CB. I'm glad you have taken your friend's advice and joined us. I'm sure you will find people to relate to and people who relate to you here. It's a nice community. If you have questions, please feel free to ask as that's what we're here for. I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards!

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Good luck :)  I'm glad you're here.

I work in health care also, so I can relate to how difficult it makes it to get mental health care, and also how hard it is to let yourself be a patient rather than trying to control/direct everything.  It does get easier I think once you find good providers that you can trust.  I am very mistrustful, partly because I've seen some ugly stuff in my career, and also in big part because of my trauma, so providers definitely have to work hard to prove to me that they are trustworthy, which I think is hard on both of us, but it does get easier.

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