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A poor brain is as worthy as a rich brain: psychotherapy faces a privilege problem

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Last week, a new study published by the American Sociological Association in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior found, based on randomised testing of 320 psychotherapists in the New York area, that psychotherapists are significantly less likely to offer therapy appointments to black middle-class patients than to white ones (17% of black middle-class callers were offered appointments, compared with 28% of white-middle class callers).

Working-class callers of both races were worse off still (8% were offered an appointment) – even though all callers said they had the same health insurance and only contacted in-network practitioners.

A poor brain is as worthy as a rich brain: psychotherapy faces a privilege problem | Guardian


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    • By CherryBlossom
      Has anyone seen this documentary on being of the LGBT community in the south especially Mississippi?


      This show breaks my heart.. And also give these people a lot of applause for being able to stand up and speak for equality of LGBT members. These people have much courage in my opinion.

      I thought i should share it because not many people have spoken about it.

      Gonna leave the link to see the documentary in a post under this post. If i am not allow to post it then that is why i put it in another post if a mod needs to delete it.
    • By leadinglady
      I'm not letting my ex ruin my life anymore.  I cut him loose today.  He is an alcoholic and he drives me to drink, not an excuse but an extra reason to.  I'm an addict and alcoholic. I even mix the two.. Not cool.  So today I attended an online AA meeting and talked to a girl I met in treatment that is sober and I am going to face to face meetings this week.  I also need to find a therapist this week for sure.  I fell down the stairs 2 years ago and at 37 had to have a total hip replacement and jaw reconstruction after being airlifted to a trauma center.  I am facially disfigured now because of it and am going to have surgery again on June 18 for total joint replacements on both sides of my jaw that will hopefully even out my facial asymmetry.  As a result of the fall, I lost custody of my daughters, 10 and 7, and now they live an hour away with their dad. I also became homeless for the past two years and just recently got into my own apartment.  My ex-husband is supposed to bring them once a week to see me and let me talk to them on the phone everyday but he does not comply with the court order.  He doesn't know what's going on with me and I am definitely not going to tell him.  Meanwhile I need to file court papers to get custody of my daughters back.  That needs to be my focus.. that and my new job working at home so I can save money for a car to go see them since he won't bring them to see me. Everything is a mess because of this addiction and I'm tired of it. I'm happy to say I've hit rock bottom and have become enlightened. I refuse to live like this another day. I thank God for the clarity to see this. Thank you for reading.
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      I signed up for English 102 yesterday. I am ready to start class already. I hope this is a good sign of what is to come.

      I called the head of the English department a little while ago. She said that taking English 101 and 102 with the combination of creative writing and regular composition is extra, not necessity, to be accepted into the Creative Writing transfer pattern program. I'm so happy I called. That made my day.

      I'm having a tough time getting past writer's block so I will be posting more old pieces to my writing blog. I hope you all like it and please feel free to give some criticism. I know I'm not the best writer but I do pride myself in making my work better. Any and all help is much appreciated.
    • By Nickis
      Dear Mom,

      One thing it seems to me that people in general are particularly deaf about is the statement, "I have no money." In my experience, the only people who truly understand this are other people who have been homeless and the DMH [Department of Mental Health] caseworkers. Maybe some therapists. Mark, the millionaire many times over, also seemed, oddly, to understand. To everyone else, "I have no money" seems to mean "I'm low on money," or "I'm feeling a financial pinch," or "I'm awfully strapped for money." I don't mean that. I mean I HAVE NO MONEY. There is no money in an account I have access to. There is no money in my wallet. There are no bills under my mattress. There is No. Fucking. Money.

      It REALLY pissed me off yesterday when the allergist said, "You don't need a prescription for the allergy covers." Uhh, yeah, big deal. I need a prescription to get Medicaid to PAY for them. That's why I told the receptionist, "The only way for me to get the allergy covers is for me to go to Target and steal them." People do this sort of thing all the time. I was talking to the lady who was going to schedule the interview. She started to give me instructions about parking--people do this all the time. I interrupted her and said, "I don't have a car." Oh! she said, slightly taken aback. Because who, in America, doesn't have A CAR?

      Adam Lastname used to do exactly the same thing. Bob used to do exactly the same thing. Gabriel just evinced that he does the same thing. Betty? She was so stone deaf about it I ended my friendship over her deafness. Susan and John? I think they live in some sort of hallucinatory world where somehow my once having money, or my once being able to get a job to make money, somehow translates into a present where I do have money. It's the Susan and John causality time-warp.

      When I used to borrow money from people, something Adam Lastname was always recommending, and they start asking me all these QUESTIONS, I have to somehow keep from shrieking: "I have no money! Don't you think I THOUGHT of X, and Y, and Z? Don't you think it OCCURRED to me that I might try P, and D, and Q? Short of selling my body on the street corner, which would be awfully hard given my relatively chunky state, I HAVE NO MONEY! I HAVE NO PROSPECT OF GETTING ANY MONEY (until January 1). It's not a prospect of having MORE money, or SOME EXTRA money, or A LITTLE MAD money, or a TIP, or a "MAYBE THIS WILL HELP OUT A LITTLE"--it's the FACT, the present, stark, true, undeniable, incontrovertible FACT, OF HAVING NO MONEY!"

      That's why, in order to try to take some advantage of Gabriel's "present," I had to steal coffee filters from Walgreens. I suppose I could have gone to a public bathroom somewhere and taken a whole lot of paper towels and used them for coffee filters. But that is the sort of completely-without-dignity behavior I had to engage in when I was homeless, and I'd rather throw the fucking coffee away then be reduced to doing that.

      I am not asking you for money. I have food stamps and will be able to survive. I'm just venting about deafness in general.
    • By Retromancer
      Does anyone here feel awkward in public because they are poor and MI? How about in a setting where there are more individuals like yourself present?
      I have gone to free public events and have felt very much ill at ease, dreading someone starting a conversation with that perennial "So what do you do?". I feel even more awkward when I spot individuals that share the characteristic tells of the indigent MI.
      I am exhorted to get out and socialize. I have the suspicion that those do so really don't have a clue as to what it is like to be poor and MI.
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