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Every 12 hours I have to have my lamictal or i go into withdrawal. I have had to leave work or pay people to bring me my stuff because I can't function without it. SHACKLES. I'm forty and I want to be free not more Co trolled be a substance than I was by my parents....which is why I'm in this spot today. Enough is enough. I've dropped 400mg since January and now that I'm at fifty I'm staying on a benzo for seizures and am done. It's not that bad.  Monday will be one week since I HD my last dose of 50mg. 

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So what is your question?

Also, I think that it is dangerous to mix meds to "concentrate the benzo", and I can't believe a doctor would tell you to do that. You are giving medical advice involving multiple meds which can be very dangerous. That's not the way we do things around here.

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