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Hello everyone,

My psychiatrist has prescribed a low dose of Abilify 2-3 mg, unfortunately Abilify's lowest available dose in pill form is 5mg so i have to use a pill cutter which is frustrating!!! My psychiatrist did prescribe the oral solution, however my GP refused to give me a script for the oral solution because the price was slightly higher, but I will see my GP again about this and persuade him to switch me to the oral solution. In the meantime I am using a pill cutter so I am taking 2.5mg.

I have had a blood test today BEFORE starting Abilify and I will have the same blood test again in 2 weeks time to see if there are any changes, particularly looking at blood glucose and cholesterol levels

I will measure my blood pressure and compare it to before starting Abilify

I will weigh myself daily to see if there is a weight increase and I will notify you of any changes in appetite 

I will be updating this thread 

13:34 10/06/2016

I can't give you an accurate description. Feeling more energetic, awake and upbeat but this is probably placebo effect and there is mediating factors (I received good news a few days ago)

12:07 11/06/2016

quiet nauseous, feeling slightly hot, for example feel hot but if someone else touched my head or cheeks they wouldn't feel it? so it's like inner heat? Reminding you I'm also on Vyvanse and Cymbalta. Hasn't really made me agitated or pace around or motivated. I haven't weighed myself. I will weigh myself in a week's time.

20:32 12/06/2016

I did weigh myself today (I was curious and got a little carried away) and I actually didn't gain any weight. I haven't taken my Abilify pill yet because I'm going to try taking it at night time to see if it helps me sleep.

12:58 16/06/2016 

Sorry I did not update my diary for a few days. I have been feeling a bit more stable and motivated and positive and I don't know if this is just placebo!!!! 

There has been no weight gain as far as I'm concerned. No appetite increase. I had a blood test on 10/06/2016 and I just got the results and now I am going to schedule to have the same blood test to compare the results. 

Here are the results from my blood test


I will keep this diary going 

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I'm glad they are trying you on Abilify. I absolutely love Abilify. I literally could do a commercial for the med because it has obliterated my depression and helped me through an extremely difficult time (the death of my mother). It gives me motivation and has helped my apathy and is the only med to do so. I don't really have any side effects from it either.

So yeah, it is a good med for me. It has worked for me exactly as the commercial said.

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